Monday, October 4, 2010

To Affront or Collide

I have been procrastinating all day. We were away for almost 2 weeks, so you can imagine how empty our fridge is. I really need to do some serious food shopping, but I've been making up excuses all day so as not to go. Now, you might conclude that I'm being lazy or just not in the mood, but actually, I'M SCARED! Yes, scared to go food shopping. I know you've now probably concluded that I must be a little strange, have some kind of fear of large crowds or the like, but nothing could be more true. This is actually the first time I've felt like this. I'm home alone, with both kids, who I'd have to shlep with me. This is my official claim for not going now. But in reality, I'm scared because this would be my first time driving there. I only just got my license. And even though I have driven quite a few times since then, I'm still a little nervous when it comes to parking. Yes, I know, like all women. But honestly, it's not because I'm a woman. I live in a very European place, where we all have to conform to perfect codes of behavior and beware to those who don't (for example, we collect paper and put it out on the street. It must be a neat pile, wrapped up tightly with a piece of string. And they all are! And I'm sure, if yours isn't you'll get some kind of reprimand, most likely from your own neighbors, telling you how you're ruining the neighborhood standard and they of course understand that you're a foreigner, but really, you ought to know better).
So I'm scared there won't be a parking spot (which is very likely, since there barely are any in this city, even in my suburb) and I'll have to wait somewhere on the side, where everyone is bound to get annoyed and tell me off. Honestly, I think some of the elderly here go out specifically to find people to chastise in order to keep this country pure. Or, I'll find a parking spot, but won't be able to park smoothly or quick enough and will end up crashing into another car or person. I'm not sure which is worse...
Did I mention that my fridge is really empty, like, no food for dinner?!
Anyone feel like coming with me and parking for me? Please? Pretty please?

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