Friday, October 15, 2010

Read You Loud and Clear

I know I should stop reading reader's comments on news sites, especially when it's an article on Israel. But here I was, reading an article from a Western European country on the fact that the municipality is going to start subsidizing the security costs the Jewish community and especially the school has. I started reading all the "smart" comments from civilized, free thinking Westerners. Some where just upset, that in a time where governments are cutting costs, their tax money is going to this. Fine, I can somehow understand not wanting to pay taxes to a small minority of people and feel that if people need protection, they should pay for it themselves. But a lot of these people where writing clear and blatant antisemitism. Saying that they (the Jews) should take care of themselves or have Israel cover their costs, since it's clearly Israel's fault for not making peace with the Palestinians. Telling the Jews it's their fault for not integrating more (which clearly helped in Germany in the 1930's). Some blame it on religion in general. They suggest the governments should solve this problem by only allowing public schools, which will of course lead to all the different religions to hold hands and sing peace songs together. Really, this person has solved all the world's problems. If only we would all be in one big public school, we would all get along. I'm sure Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu would have been great friends, if only their parents had sent them to school together. Of course, let's not forget the Jewish lobby, which is always their to protect the rich Jews from invented dangers. But most importantly, those Jews should just leave, back to their own country.

Does any of this ring a bell???

Of course, one has to keep in mind that the probability is that some of these people must be stupid. But even so, We're talking about a country that saw 80% of their Jews murdered only 65 years ago. I really cannot understand how people from a so called enlightened country can spew such blatant antisemitism. Something has clearly gone wrong in the education of these people over the last 65 years. But most of all, I do not understand how my friends and family keep living there without seeing how unwanted and unwelcome they really are. Most are natives, as were their parents as were their grandparents. To lots, being Jewish comes in second place. But sadly, this is not how their fellow citizens view them. And if their beliefs haven't changed after the Holocaust, one would be very naive to believe they will in the future.
I know, I also live in Europe, so who am I to talk. The difference is, I know I don't belong. I am not comfortable being here and I know that I'm the odd man out. I know I should pack up and move. And I will. I do not disillusion myself into thinking that I belong here, even if I have their passport and my husband's family has been living here for over 400 years. This is not my home and it never will be. I just wish others would learn from history and get the message.

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