Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Daily Dilemma

Sorry for the absence, but I've been on a little break (yes, a point for chul: winter vacation).
I've been enjoying the mountain air (did you know it can make you extremely sleepy), the snow and the my children. My oldest has been learning how to ski and it has been quite a succes (not to mention extremely fun to watch).

The one thing that has been harder this week (besides my husband's absence) has been dinner. Actually, if I'm completely honest, dinner is always a little problematic for me. I don't mind the cooking, really, but I find it so hard to come up with new (or even old) ideas all the time. When I google quick and easy recipes, they dont seem quick and easy to me at all. I'm one of those people that tends to forget it's dinner time till about half an hour before we should be eating (an usually I only remember because my youngest is getting cranky and after trying several things I realize it's because she's hungry. And of course, making dinner with a cranky and hungry child just adds to the challenge). So now my problem is thinking of a dish that can be made quickly with the things I have at home. And believe me, this is a challenge. I even find it hard on the days I just went shopping and I'm all stocked up. Most easy recipes go as follows: Take chicken, add chicken sauce, put in oven etc. Now, chicken sauce is not an option for me. Yes, I could buy it at the kosher store. But first off, it's extremely expensive and second, I try to be minimally dependent on product one can only get at the kosher store. Yes, I can make my own sauce, but truthfully, we don't really eat meat during the week, it's simply too expensive. Yet, even if that wasnt an issue, my biggest issue is that I dont think of it in time. The same goes for fish. Since I don't plan ahead, there isnt enough time for such things to defrost. I know lots of people use the microwave. I'm just not that sure how mine works when it comes to defrosting, plus, with my sensitive stomach it just isn't worth the risk.
So meat is out. Fish sometimes works since it defrosts really quickly. But mainly I make milchig. Which really really limits me. Quiche is problematic, since I have to make the dough myself (another one of those only in the kosher store products, plus it's frozen). That leaves pasta, soup and a few other dishes.
So, this is my dilemma. Anyone have any suggestions how to better my daily dilemma?Am I the only one who is never really helped by all the quick and easy recipes out there?
I've tried to think of what we're going to eat the evening before and even discussing it with my husband, but in reality it doesnt really happen. New recipe ideas that fit the bill are also very much appreciated!


  1. Have you tried crock pot recipes? Or crustless quiches?

  2. Thanks for the ideas.
    I should use the crock pot more,it's just that it's fleishig and we generally eat milchig during the week.
    But a quiche isnt a bad idea. Maybe I'll start experimenting making my usuals without crust. Thanks for that!