Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Ode to All Single Parents

How do they do it?

Seriously, besides all the day to day stuff. What about the exceptionally hard days. We all have them, especially when the kids are little and not able to take care of themselves.

I know that mom's are just not allowed to get sick, but will someone please tell that to my body, it seems to not have gotten that email.
I've been sick the last few days with a stomach flu. Of course it started the second my husband left for tefila in the morning. I sat there, with terrible stomach spasms for more than an hour, trying to somehow keep the kids happy. My 4 year old was really trying to entertain her little sibling so I wouldn't have to. But who was taking care of me? I desperately needed some water, but couldn't even move. So I kept holding on to the fact that my husband would be home soon. I forgot he prayed at a shive house that morning, so it took much longer and of course his phone was still off.
But when he finally did come home, he became superman, taking care of everyone and everything. Any I just lay there thinking, what if he hadn't been here. What if I was all alone, in terrible pain, with a few little kids who's life doesn't stop when mommy's does. What would I have done then?

Now, I have to say, sadly, my being sick lasted more that just that Sunday and I did find out what it's like to have to deal with the kids by myself while being sick. Granted, I could now get up and move around somewhat, but let me tell you, it involved A LOT of TV time. But still, my husband would get home in the evening and take over again.

So this post is an ode to all those who manage to do it all by themselves.
Here's to you!


  1. I had to do it alone. It's not easy, but I survived. My eldest fed herself yogurt with a spoon when she was well under a year. Luckily my kids sat early.
    I hope you're better.

  2. Ah, I'm a sorry you had to do it all alone.
    With dh's future profession coming more and more in sight, I'm starting to feel what it's like.
    It aint easy.