Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Don't Miss....

So, yes, I am an avid Zionist. But even I have to admit that no matter how much I enjoyed our trip back home there are things I can do without.

Let's start out with; I don't miss winters in Israel.
I mean, I don't miss the Israeli mentality when it comes to winter. Yes, in general Israel is a warm country, but the that doesnt contradict the fact that it does get cold, it lasts for more than just a day and it is worth it to invest in heating and the like.

So, on that note:

- I don't miss not being able to control how long my heater is on for.
- I don't miss not having heat at night.
- I don't miss having to buy another heater for each bedroom to put next to the already existing and perfectly working heater in order to solve the aforementioned problems.
- I don't miss restaurants who think that just because it's crowded it means we must need the air conditioner, even if it's only 10 degrees Celsius outside.
- I don't miss windows/doors that don't really close and let through a nice cold breeze.
- I don't miss being woken up in the middle of the night by rattling windows/doors.
- I don't miss not being able to walk pas a garbage container without being overcome by the sudden urge to throw up.
- I don't miss being afraid to walk through certain neighborhood, because my accessories might be considered pritzus.
- I don't miss living in a city where the rush hour seems to last all day.
- I don't miss living in a city where the taxi prices depend on whether or not it's raining.
- I don't miss big corporate companies that only really help you if you know the right people or if they find your kids very cute.

I could probably go on and on, but I won't. Cause in the end, it all doesn't matter. Most of these can be solved and the rest one just learns to live with. The fact is that the list of where I live now is much, much longer. And even if it wasn't, the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. I'm still counting down the minutes till we can move back.

I will make a list of all the positives sometime soon. But right now I'm focusing on the negative so as not to be even more bummed out we're not in Israel anymore.

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