Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Much Longer?

It's basically the only thing I can think of saying.

How much longer can we suffer these attacks?
How much longer will the world stand by and condemn us for them?
How much longer until we really start fighting back?
How much longer until this terror reaches the west again?
How much longer until Iran strikes?
How much longer until we say enough?
How much longer until they finally say enough?
How much longer until the world says enough?
How much longer until Hashem says enough?

After all the terror that has been going on the past few weeks there have been speculations that Israel will have to invade Gaza again, especially since it has been raining Kasams since the weekend. Sadly, in this back and forth between kasams and IAF strikes, we all know that the world will be calling both parties to stop. How the world does not see the difference between bombs being placed at bus stations, rockets (that cannot be controlled as to where they might land) fired into major cities, families with little kids that are butchered while they sleep and civilian casualties that occur while targeting a terror location (most likely due to the fact that they were purposely positioned in a place where many civilians would get hurt)

Tell me, which Western country would let any of this happen without fighting back and making damn sure they'd win? If the Native Americans would start bombing New York, would anyone dream of saying “well you kinda had it coming since you’ve been occupying their land for so many years”?

People like to point out that Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East as a reason to get others to focus on the other countries and their dictatorships.
Yes, we’ve seen that there is cause for worry with some of these countries and bravely, their people have been starting to stand up for themselves. Who knew how much the Libyan people where suffering, or how unhappy the Syrians are with Assad.
Yes, one does wonder how so much attention is given to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict whilst there are so many other pressing and often more gruesome matters happening in the world.

However, we are not praised for being a democracy. Rather, we are told by the west to negotiate with the same type of terrorist they have decided to attack. What’s more, for them the war is far off in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia and who knows, maybe soon Syria (but why oh why not Iran?). Our war is on our turf, yet we are not allowed to act like the West. We are not held to the same standards as the rest of the Middle East? Fine, we are above them. But why are we not held to the same standards as the rest of the West? Why are we forced to be more, do better and all at the risk of our own lives and those of our children?

How much longer until the West realizes that our fight is their fight?

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  1. It's up to us. We should be crying out shouting and fighting our enemies.