Sunday, March 13, 2011

Peace No More

I am attempting to come to some kind of terms with what happened this Friday night in Itamar.
Ever since becoming a mother myself I find I'm a lot more sensitive to these kinds of tragedies. I find I cannot let myself dwell on any of the details and won't even go near any of the pictures that have been released. Tears swell up in my eyes when I barely start to think about what happened to the Fogel family and their young ones. When I first heard the news all I kept thinking was how can a person kill a tiny baby. What kind of a "human being" can look down upon an innocent 3-month old and simply take her life.

I look at my own children peacefully asleep and I can't imagine what kind of hate must exist inside a person as to kill our little ones in their sleep.

And this is the turning point for me. No matter what the Israelis might be doing to the Palestinians, nothing justifies such a horrendous act, where one simply cannot attribute any humane trait to these murders. It seems that even the Palestinian officials are seeing that this is above and beyond, claiming that this cannot be an act perpetrated by their side, since they would never murder children in such a manner.  Of course, anyone who knows anything about the terror Israel has been through knows this is a clear lie. Palestinian terrorists have always targeted civilians and do not discriminate in age. One might say that at least they are trying to dissociate themselves from such acts, but the it has been reported that Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza were celebrating on the streets and giving out candy. Furthermore, whilst Israel was morning the tragic loss of this family, Palestinians were honoring a terrorist who was involved in the murder of 35 Israelis by naming a square after her.
And these are the people we are somehow trying to make peace with. A people that is being indoctrinated with such hatred, that it has no problem with creeping into the bedrooms of tiny babies with the sole purpose of killing. A people that then goes out onto their streets to celebrate these "accomplishments". These are the people the West expects us to make peace with. A people whose moral values are so far removed from anything we Westerners know and cherish.
But we are also to blame. We are so desperate for peace, we fail to learn from history. We fail to see that whenever we give a little, we only get a slap in the face in return. We give up land, we get bombs, we give up roadblocks, we get terror attacks. When will we learn that there is no peace partner on the other side. When will we learn that as long as we're dealing with a people that can murder as they do (and believe they are going to heaven for it), we cannot give even the tiniest inch. The fact is that the Palestinians have been trained to perceive any Israeli compromise as a weakness on our side and a testament to their growing power, which only results in their renewal of terror.
Sadly, I see no end to this. Unless somehow some intelligent, Western minded people will take over and change the Palestinian education. As long as these people are being raised in an environment where killing Jewish babies is something praiseworthy and will guarantee your place in heaven, we have no peace partner. Again, how do you negotiate with someone who has such blind hatred that he will turn around and kill your children without a second thought?

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