Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Very Own Shabbes Make Up

I like to look nice for chag and yom tov, like I assume most of us do.
In Israel I never had a hard time with this, since everything goes. Here in chul I make more of an effort. I really don't want to be the shlubby outcast, so no more naot for me on shabbes, in fact, no more naot at all.
One of the hardest things for me now is not being able to put make up on during shabbes.
Here, the women in shul look stunning. They've put on nice close, nice hats and their make up is perfect. In general, we're a little frummer than the rest and I'm guessing that the women aren't all using "shabbes make up", since there is none over here. So, however hard I try, I still feel very shlubby with my naked face, especially come second or even third day yom tov.

Now, I realize I'm lucky. I'm still young and have nice skin. I generally don't use a lot of make up and it takes me about 5 minutes to apply, whether on a normal day or for a wedding. The only difference being a darker shade of eyeshadow/ lipstick for the latter occasion.

During our glorious trip to Paris last year I got to spend a little time in their make up heaven Sephora.
There I found their MAKE UP FOREVER line. I bought this aqua cream eyeshadow

I obviously chose a more neutral color, for who wants to be walking around with this for 24 hours +. Yes, you heard me right. I put it on before shabbes and by motsei shabbes it's still there. Maybe it faded a little, but I'm definitely still wearing eyeshadow. I combine it with an eyeliner from Essence (added bonus, it's really cheap) and my eyes are set to go all shabbes long and have lasted into 2nd day yom tov.

It's a little boring, wearing the same colors every weak, but at least there's some color there, even if it's just my eyes. And so, slowly, my own supply of shabbes make up started to accumulate.

I've only recently gotten into lipstick (I've always been pretty self conscious about my big lips and as a result never put more then colorless lip balm on my lips), so I don't mind when it's starts fading during the Friday evening meal, not to be seen again until next erev shabbes.
However, when I recently saw an add for a 24 hour lipstick, I thought, why not give it a try. Apparently Maybelline already had a 16 hour one (I'm really not that into make up, I only discovered this while looking for a link to place in this post) and their Super Stay 24 Color is meant to be even better.
I tried out a few colors on my hand, chose one, payed for it and went home. At home I discovered I could not get the color of my hand, no matter how hard I tried, even when I used my usual face wash. However annoying this was for me and my hand, it looked very promising for the goal for which I purchased this product. Yet, before trying it I did go out and buy an oil based make up remover as recommended on the box, just in case.
Good thing I did, cause come motsei shabbes and I really needed it. The color was still very much there (only down side is that you can't reapply the balm during shabbes). When I went to shul shabbes morning my old self conscious friend popped up and I felt compelled to ask my best friend if I didnt look like a clown, that's how bright the color still was. 
I'm looking forward to trying this now for a 2 day yom tov and see what happens. But I might still try to go out and get a little lighter, subtler color, cause let's face it, I'm not there yet.

Chag sameach everyone. And if anyone else has any super long lasting "shabbes" make up tips of their own to give, I'd love to hear them.

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